Rajdarbar Ventures is one of the core pillars of the conglomerate The Rajdarbar Group. Decades of work, experience and
commitment has led to what we value the most – Trust of our customers and partners.

Our visionary approach was born from working closely with those that empower innovative and creative ventures. Functionality,
Feasibility and Aesthetics are the elements focused upon in all our projects. We understand the dynamics of the real estate sector
and thus have specialised services focusing on: Acquisition, Planning, Construction & Development, Strategy & Consultation and
Project Management.

Our exemplary portfolio highlights our performance based track record, numerous achievements and benchmarks that have
propelled us to greater heights.

Our Landmark

It is indeed rare to be recognised as a pioneer of competitive industry. Our ambitious flagship project Vrindavan Tech
Village - India’s first IT-SEZ development located in the heart of the country’s IT capital Bangalore gave us that distinct recognition.
Over 100 acres of developed space comprising 40,00,000 square feet of working space delivered to some of the biggest companies
in the world.

This project put us on the map and we were lauded and awarded numerous honours for this remarkable development. Our
tremendous success meant that we owed ourselves to expand our horizons and ambitions. We disinvested in the project to create a
larger canvas of development in Northern India.

Our Footprint

We take a lot of pride in our spectrum and range of development. Our projects span the length and breadth of the country. We are
one of the very few developers who’ve successfully delivered projects across Megapolises, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns. Delhi,
Gurugram, NCR region, Mathura, Agra, Kosi, Mumbai and Mangalore are some of the several locations adorned with Rajdarbar’s
Real Estate jewels.

Working in such a diverse market with several dynamic parameters and demands presents a multitude of challenges. Rajdarbar
Ventures has embraced these challenges with a simple yet very effective strategy - Customer centric values oriented projects.

By keeping the customer at the heart of everything we plan and execute, we eventually come out as winners. All our projects are
built on an exponential curve that begins at value for money for the customers and grows multifold value assets. All our customers
are experiencing both tangible and intangible growth in terms of their investment and lifestyle.

Our Horizons

Knowledge shared is a powerful catalyst in growth. Over the preceding decades Rajdarbar Group’s journey to being one of modern India’s leading conglomerates has resulted in a wealth of knowledge. This knowledge has proved critical in our various and
diversified interests that encompasses Personal Care Products, Consumer Products, Mouth Freshners, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Products, Coffee Estates, Oil Mills, Brick Furnaces, Iron Furnaces, Packaging and Financial services. We are an ever evolving group of companies whose worth is beyond just numbers. It can be found in the assured and satisfactory smiles of our customers, customers and consumers.